Why am I not getting emails from the site?

There are a couple of reasons why you are not seeing emails from the Shop.GanaraskaConservation.ca site.  

  1. Verify that you entered the correct email address into the user registration page or form.
  2. Most email systems have a spam filter and/or a junk mail filter;  you may need to check for both for an email from ganaraska@grca.on.ca
    1. Gmail has both.  Please refer to the gmail help system for details.  
    2.  If you have a different email provider please check their help pages for how to work with their spam and junk mail tools.

My email is showing that it is already used when I know I haven't used it here before?

This is a known issue with the site.  

The problem is that your user name is already in use in the system, not your email.  Please try a different user name until you don't receive any errors. 

Why is there nothing in the Store?

This GRCA site is focused on the forest memberships and other services that are available in the Forms & Registrations page.  As the GRCA continues to expand online sales, offerings will be added to the Store section.  

Why can't I purchase maps with my day pass?

Based on the timing between day pass purchases and when maps are required, the GRCA has determined that it would not be physically possible to mail out a map for use with a day pass.  Most day passes are purchased within 2 days of use.  

If you wish to purchase maps you can order them when you purchase a membership to the Ganaraska Forest. Alternatively, they can be purchased from Noone's Petro Canada located on the north bound side of Hwy 115.  (8262 ON-35 #115, Orono, ON)